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Think Smart - Developing the Thinking Performer

Think Smart has been developed to help people understand the different ways in which we think. It measures individual preference levels for 10 styles of thinking, identifying people's cognitive strengths and potential development areas. The ten styles are sub-divided into a Sensory Focus, People Focus and Task Focus.

Think Smart is ideal for use at supervisory and junior management levels or as an introduction for higher management levels to the understanding of how thinking preferences affect behaviour, management, working styles and performance.

Without having to complete an accreditation programme, Think Smart allows coaches and consultants access to an on-line psychometric tool. Reports are available to download ahead of coaching, mentoring or management development sessions and workshops, to provide pre and post-course support.

Think Smart is available to all coaches, trainers, consultants and managers. Think Smart is accessed using our fully automated on-line system. The PDF report is delivered immediately on completion for self-interpretation by the end user or facilitated by the coach, trainer or manager.

If you would like to complete Think Smart for only 35, click on the PayPal button below.  Once payment has been confirmed, you will receive an e-mail invitation to complete Think Smart.  Your Think Smart profile will be sent to you immediately on completion of the questionnaire.

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